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A variety of tax-advantaged retirement plans are available today to help you build the wealth you need to live the retirement lifestyle that you desire. These plans are an important part of your investment portfolio, even if you have already retired or reached your desired savings amount. Most people with retirement plan assets should strive to avoid the tax pitfalls that may accompany any tax benefits.

Planning the client’s potential for a successful financial retirement requires that the financial advisor is prepared with the appropriate tools to react to a variety of changes in the client’s situation as well as the changing economic environment. The plan’s projections and assumptions are reevaluated on a regular basis and the advisor and the client both understand that without appropriate adjustments, the risk of failure can increase significantly.

Our Three-Stage Process

At Multop Financial we work towards success using a three-stage process to manage your retirement income. Our comprehensive approach is written and published in book form for careful review and discussion with each client during the first few consultations, prior to any business being conducted.  Here is a brief overview to give you the general idea of what you will find in our Process & Techniques Handbook.

Stage One:   PLANNING

There are several steps that are used to maximize our clients’ chances of a financially successful retirement.  The planning process involves capturing data, identifying assets, liabilities and income sources, establishing goals, developing projections and constructing actionable plans.


Within the implementation process there are two main steps: agree on the plan to initiate the implementation, and establish a withdrawal strategy. 

Stage Three:  MONITORING

At a minimum, an annual review is necessary to assess sustainability and performance and to identify the impact of life events and changes in goals.

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