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A Holiday Message

However you may celebrate the season, and whomever you may share it with, may it be a tender time of reflection and love. From all of us at Multop Financial, we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  We thought you might enjoy this sweet Christmas poem:


Snowflakes softly falling, upon your window they do play.
Your blankets snug around you, Into sleep you drift away.

I bend to gently kiss you, when I see that on the floor,
there's a letter, neatly written I wonder who it's for.

I quietly unfold it making sure you're still asleep,
It's a Christmas list for Santa, one my heart
will always keep.

It started just as always with the toys seen on TV,
A new watch for your father and a winter coat for me.

But as my eyes read on I could see that deep inside
there were many things you wished for that your
loving heart would hide.

You asked if your friend Molly could have another Dad;
It seems her father hits her and it makes you very sad.

Then you asked dear Santa if the neighbors down the street Could find a job, that he might have some food,
and clothes, and heat.

You saw a family on the news whose house had blown away, "Dear Santa, send them just one thing,
a place where they can stay."

"And Santa, those four cookies that I left you for a treat,
Could you take them to the children who have
nothing else to eat."

"Do you know that little bear I have,
the one I love so dear?
I'm leaving it for you to take to Africa this year".

"And as you fly your reindeer on this night of Jesus' birth,
Could your magic bring to everyone goodwill
and peace on earth".

"There's one last thing before you go, so grateful
I would be, If you'd smile at Baby Jesus
in the manger by our tree."

I pulled the letter close to me; I felt it melt my heart.
Those tiny hands had written what no other could impart.

"And a little child shall lead them," was whispered in my ear
as I watched you sleep on Christmas Eve
while Santa Claus was here.

Tax Season coming Soon

Hard to believe, but tax season is right around the corner. For all our tax clients, you will be receiving your pre-scheduled appointment slips and organizer packages during the first week of January. We are excited to meet with you again, and encourage you to review your packages and call us with any questions.

Tax Tip – Structuring Intrafamily Loans

During this time of year, and particularly during economic climates like what we have been experiencing, personal loans between family members become more common. Lending money to family members may be personal, but it pays to treat loans like business. If you are considering a loan to a family member, here are some tips on how to structure the transaction.

  1. Put it in writing. Document the loan with a promissory note. It should outline the terms of repayment, including when payments are due, and the interest rate for the loan.
  2. Adhere to the terms. To make sure the IRS doesn’t characterize a loan as a disguised gift, treat it as a legitimate transaction. Require regular payments and make a genuine effort to collect if the borrower defaults. Also, be sure to document receipt of payments and collection efforts.
  3. Consider charging a higher rate of interest. It may be tempting to offer your loved ones low-interest or even no-interest loans, but there can be significant tax advantages to charging a higher rate. If you lend money to family members at less than the applicable federal rate (AFR), you’ll be treated as if you’d charged the borrower the AFR, and that amount will be included in your taxable income — whether or not you collect it.
Intrafamily loans provide many benefits for both lenders and borrowers. But the imputed interest rules are complex, and missteps can be costly. Plan carefully to structure a loan that meets your needs and avoids unintended consequences. For more information including intrafamily loan exceptions, gift calculations, and estate tax benefits, click here for the full article.
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Spread Some Holiday Cheer To Our Troops!

The holidays are an especially important time to show your love and support for our troops overseas, as well as their families on the homefront. The dedication that these men and women have to our country is beyond words and we all have an opportunity to let our soldiers know we appreciate the sacrifices made by them and their families.

Click Here to Send a Message to Our Troops

Phil Multop To Chair Whatcom County Committee

Phil Multop will be chairing a newly formed committee in Whatcom County designed to address the economic and social challenges of the area. Phil, at the request of Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, assembled the committee with the intent to provide recommendations directly to Mr. McKenna. Therefore, we are extending this opportunity to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us with your comments, suggestions, concerns and ideas.  Contact us at

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